Why us? Relationship-based recruitment

Despite all the technology that exists today, landing a job is still all about who you know. At Better Than Found we realize that we are in the relationships business and we leverage our client company relationships on behalf of those exceptional candidates whom we’ve come to know, like and trust.

A personal approach to career development

We care about your career development and begin by simply asking questions. Anyone can market a company or position to you. We get to the heart of your professional passions, determining what drives you and where you want to be.

Who we work with

It is in our DNA to strive to help others. However, our niche for successful job placement is narrowed to those industrial sector professionals and executives who have proven themselves exceptional.

Candidate Experiences Candidate Testimonials

Resources to help you grow Your greatest ally in Career Development

We represent the diverse and specialized talent our industrial client partners need to meet the many challenges they face. Better Than Found provides access to today's leading companies through a deeply personal and consultative approach, finding candidates the best possible environments for their skills and careers to flourish.

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Our Process

There are multiple ways to get connected with us which will ultimately lead to a confidential conversation with an industrial professional on our team. We find out who you are, gaining a deeper understanding of your career history, accomplishments, and your long-term career goals.

We take a focused, strategic and confidential approach to your career advancement. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship guiding you down every turn in your career path.

Interview Process
Our service offerings

When we choose to work with you, we conduct a professional assessment, provide professional representation to the targeted clients that fit your skills and passions, as well as guide you during the interview process, the offer negotiation, and the resignation process.

Our founder says “We help people for a living…occasionally God allows us to get paid to do it.” We’ve found we are still able to serve others that are outside our niche by referring them to those trusted partners with whom we have relationships.

New Opportunities

Our industrial recruiters offer access to exciting positions from some of today’s most innovative companies–organizations we trust and are proud to represent in our searches.